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PT IS-UTAMA specialize in professional consultancy services to expatriates, pertaining to the complete handling of Work Permits, KITAS card, Visas, Operating / Business Licenses and assistance in setting up Foreign Representative Offices.


Indonesia today has come a long way. The Government bears responsibility to steer the course of development and defend the defined institutions and manner of political, social and economic life. The country stands on the threshold of joining the dragons and tigers of South East Asias sphere of prosperity.
Prompted by the positive steps Indonesia has been taking as far back as 1976, farsighted Isye T.M. Thenu founded PT Is-Utama. She knew it was time to set up a consultancy service to ease the process of settling in for the large influx of business making inroads into the country.
This professional consultancy service to the newly arrived business community smoothes out the intricacies of establishing themselves in the worlds largest archipelago, and conducting business with the local people. Her idea has paid off, and proved to be of immense assistance to the international business community.
PT Is-Utama specializes in arranging and obtaining work permits, visas, introduction to doing business in Indonesia, professional advise on the mechanics of Governmental departments, operating / business licenses, foreign representative set-ups. In short, taking the hassles of time-consuming paperwork off the hands of the newly arrived visitor.
The companys credo , All in the good interest of Indonesia and its valuable visitor , has crossed the seas, and brought in worldwide clients.
Recent years have witnessed a dramatic change in Indonesian Government style. Bankers openly admit to new responsibilities and freedom. Foreign investment is pouring in at an unprecedented rate. And all economic indicators point in the right direction. The international community is growing by leaps and bounds.
PT Is-Utama observes that airline flights to the Indonesian capital city of Jakarta tend to resemble mini-conventions of fund managers, traders and bankers these days. Not so long ago the same people barely noticed opportunities in Indonesia, but now the country is attracting active interest from the international investment community.
The potential for growth is tremendous. Indonesias natural and agricultural resources have not been fully exploited. The 76 labour force is larger than that of Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and South Korea taken as a whole.
Visibly the last few years of progress have laid the foundation for future prosperity both for Indonesia and PT Is-Utama. The Company that started operation in 1976 with a core team of three has now grown to 15 members. A business plan is currently underway encompassing a major renovation and expansion of Company headquarters and recruitment of more technically skilled staff.
For Indonesia, it is a country whose time has come. Economic and political observers agree that the policies instituted are definitely a turn for the better.

Indonesias progress and emergence as a NIC read positive signs for PT Is-Utama.
- The banking sector is now more competitive.
- Textiles are on fast track in global trade.
- The macroeconomic management is prudent.
- Non-oil products take priority in export drive.
- Gas and manufacturing replacing oil as main foreign-exchange earner.
- Stock exchange performance sets records in recent years.
- Resources and large labour force lures investors.
- The open-door policy means larger number of investors.
- Business community growing steadily.


PT Is-Utama realizes that the people who come to Indonesia to do business or set up representative offices here, do so because of the recognition the country is enjoying in the international circuit.
Jakarta is brim full of foreign business people realizing or seeking opportunities.
There is absolutely no doubt that Indonesians welcome foreigners. Not as foreigners per se, but as people with skills and resources. Their tenure in the country will benefit Indonesia when their technical capabilities are transferred to its people.
Almost by definition foreigners in Indonesia come from developed countries where the pace of business is fast. They are often frustrated by the slower pace in Indonesia. Here again, a little patience and understanding helps. And this is where PT Is-Utama best specializes in handling all the requirements of the newly arrived visitor, who most often arrives with his/her family.


Under the Foreign Capital Investment Law, the foreign investor has the authority to appoint his/her own management, but the enterprise must use Indonesian labour, except in positions where suitable Indonesians are not available.
The basic philosophy of the Government in relation to expatriate employment is that expatriates will only be employed in positions that require technical skills and related supporting capabilities. Employers of expatriates are required to implement training programs for local employees with the objective that the skills of the expatriate staff will be transferred, resulting in the local staff being able to fill those positions.
Employers of expatriates are also required to complete periodical manpower planning reports outlining the employment of expatriate staff and training programs conducted for submission to the Government technical department responsible for the industry in which the employer operates.


PT Is-Utama specialize in professional consultancy services to expatriates, pertaining to the complete handling of work permits, KITAS cards, visas, operating/business licenses and assistance in setting up foreign representative office.


As mentioned earlier, there are several intricacies and understandably tedious bureaucratic procedures involved in circumventing the methods of Government departments and procedures, PT Is-Utama has been able to advise and implement efficient courses of action for expatriates and their employers.


An Indonesian organization wishing to employ or utilize the service of an expatriate in Indonesia is required to obtain a work permit on his/her behalf. Work Permits are usually issued for a 12 months period and are extendable. Short term non-extendable work permits are available for visiting employees for up to 3 months. The basic procedure to obtain a 12 months work permit entails several steps and many ministries, including immigration. Often this procedure varies according to different industry requirements.
PT Is-Utama eases the process, from form-filling and letter writing to obtaining the relevant documents.


Again, Government law stipulates that the expatriate, within 3 days of entering Indonesia, being the holder of a semi-permanent visa, must with his/her family members over 16 years of age, report personally to the District Immigration Office. He/She will obtain the Blue Book, an important document.
The KITAS card is related to this procedure, and is a valuable identity card that gives the expatriate the status of temporary admission and definitely a legality for his/her presence in Indonesia.
PT Is-Utama is fully computerized and makes representations to the related Governmental departments for processing of KITAS cards.


A visa is required for a visit to Indonesia for any duration. Tourist and business visitors from approximately 23 countries including the ASEAN ( Association of South East Asian Nations ) countries, EEC member countries, Japan, U.S.A., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Scandinavian countries and Switzerland may obtain free visa upon arrival if they have a return ticket.
For business visas the purpose of the visit is limited to such activities as investigating investment, trade opportunities and business discussion. For visitors from other countries, visitor visa obtained prior to arrival, are valid for a period of up to 3 months.
PT Is-Utama handles ordinary visas as well as multiple business visas for corporate travelers wishing to engage in such activities as concluding commercial transactions of performing professional or technical services. Whilst multiple business visas are valid for a period of 12 months, provided each visit does not exceed 4 months, temporary resident visas are valid for 6 months to a year and are specifically issued to experts hired by national companies.


The major forms of business organizations are regulated by the Commercial Code of 1848, based on the pre-independence Dutch Commercial Code. This Commercial Code regulates major types of business organizations such as :
Basic Partnership, Open Partnership, Limited Partnership and Limited Liability Company.
PT Is-Utama has access to the various Governmental bodies and ministries to efficiently obtain operating/business licenses.


Under various ministerial regulations, a foreign company may set up a representative office in Indonesia. There are many procedures to be followed, and PT Is-Utama has been retained by noteworthy foreign investors to act as intermediary, handling promotional activities and gathering information for head offices abroad.


Indonesians share a distinct culture which affects everything they do whether it is with the family, at work of in business. Doing business in Indonesia means early realization that there is an Indonesian way of doing things.
If you commit yourself to Indonesia you will find an old, rich and fascinating culture, a warm and gentle people with a great desire to modernize. You will enjoy the best in life and an economy wide open to virtually every kind of investment. The Indonesian market is the largest in South East Asia.